Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Retirement Battle of the Sexes

There's a fascinating new study out from Vanguard looking at the difference in retirement savings habits between men and women. Matching up job tenure between the genders, Vanguard found that women tend to save at greater rates than men, at all income levels.

But they don't have as much retirement savings, for a simple reason: Men make more money. For 2014, the median income for men in the study was $74,590, while for women with equal tenure on the job, it was $56,264.

The result is that despite the higher savings rate, women had a median retirement account balance of $24,446, while men had $36,875, a difference of about 34 percent. This is despite the fact that women and men tend to have very similar portfolios, taking similar amounts of risk with their investments. 

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