Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Source of New Holiday Ideas

Have you been overwhelmed this holiday season with having to come up with new ideas for cooking and decorating and celebrating? Fear not, for a new study has found that people can generally ome up with more creative ideas than they expect.

In a study conducted at two business schools, 24 students were given 10 minutes to think of dishes to serve at Thanksgiving. After they had done that, the students had to predict how many more ideas they could generate if they kept going for 10 more minutes. Then they were asked to try to generate ideas for another 10 minutes.

On average, the students predicted they could generate around 10 new ideas if they stuck with it for a whole. But when pressed, they were actually able to come up with around 15 more ideas. The researchers also found that the ideas generated while persisting were, on average, more creative than the initial ideas. So stick with it!

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