Wednesday, January 20, 2016

America's Millionaires

America gained millionaires at a strong clip in 2015, according to a study released yesterday by Phoenix Marketing International. The country as a whole added 6.5 million millionaire households from the middle of 2014 to the middle of 2015, a growth rate of about 4 percent - the fastest pace since 2011.

The metro area with the most millionaires, naturally, was New York, which added more than 10,000 over the 12-month period, to bring the area's total to almost 480,000 households. Among states, North Dakota recorded the fastest growth in millionaires, increasing by more than 10 percent.

The top end is growing too. For the first time in 2015, more than one million U.S. households had a net worth of more than $5 million, an increase of 5 percent.

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