Tuesday, May 17, 2016

401(k) Fees Continue to Fall

A piece of good news for anyone with a 401(k) is that fees continue to drop. This has been a long-term trend as the 401(k) business continues to grow, but it has accelerated in recent years.

Consider this: On average, the fees that 401(k) participants pay for funds that invest in stocks fell from 0.77 percent of assets in 2000 to 0.74 percent in 2009, according to ICI, a mutual-fund-industry trade group. That's a positive trend, but it then dropped more sharply, to 0.54 percent in 2014.

That can add up to a big difference in your retirement savings. According to Vanguard Group, over a four-decade career, investors in a plan that charged 0.25 percent a year could amass as much as 20 percent more money than they could in one that charged 1.25 percent.

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