Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Optimistic Generation

A new survey has found that millennials are more positive about the future than their parents when it comes to investments. The survey by Securian Financial Group found that more than 70 percent of millennials said they expected a bull market for stocks in the next one to three years, while boomers were split 50-50 between bull and bear. 
More young people think they’ve got investing pretty much figured out. About 42 percent said they are “very knowledgeable about investments,” compared with 17 percent of boomers.
The two groups were also very different in their willingness to ride out a crisis. Almost three out of five boomers said they’d make no change to their portfolios, while only 37 percent of millennials said the same. And young people were far more likely to say they’d sell into a falling market: About 16 percent of millennials said they’d sell when the market fell, compared with only 1.6 percent of boomers.

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