Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The High Cost of Traffic

Cheap gas and a surging economy are taxing the nation’s roads and contributing to congestion that cost U.S. motorists almost $300 billion last year in wasted time and fuel, according to a new report out this week. It's not surprising that New York City is among the worst - motorists spent 89 hours on average in traffic during peak periods last year.

Getting stalled on New York’s crowded streets cost drivers $2,533 each last year, according to the transportation analytics firm INRIX. Traffic problems cost the city as a whole nearly $17 billion.

But New York is far from the worst. Los Angeles had the worst traffic in the world among the 1,064 cities studied. The average driver in L.A. wasted 104 hours sitting in gridlock during the busiest commuting times last year, and lost $2,408 each in squandered fuel and productivity.

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