Thursday, May 25, 2017

Skipping Vacation

Are you going on vacation this summer? Are you taking all the time your employer gives you? The average U.S. employee who receives paid vacation has only taken a little over half, or 54 percent, of those days in the past 12 months, a new survey of over 2,200 workers by careers website Glassdoor has found.

This is up slightly from how much vacation time employees reported taking in 2014, when Glassdoor first conducted this survey; it was 51 percent then. If an average worker who receives two weeks vacation leaves five days on the table, they’re effectively giving hundreds of dollars back to the company.

Why don’t they take what’s due? They fear getting behind on their work (cited by 34 percent), they believe no one else at their company can do the work while they’re out (30 percent), they are completely dedicated to their company (22 percent), and they feel they can never be disconnected (21 percent).

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