Monday, August 17, 2015

Looking to a Bright Future

More Americans are optimistic about their financial future today than they were in 2011, according to a new survey from the Lincoln Financial Group. The turnaround has been staggering – 81 percent of those surveyed said they feel optimistic about their financial future, up from just 13 percent who felt that way in 2011.

In addition, 83 percent feel their lives are headed in the right direction, a significant increase from the 66 percent who felt that way in 2011. And 59 percent report they are optimistic that their financial situation will improve in the next year, nearly twice the 33 percent that felt that way in 2011.

One downside: the feeling of “preparedness” for the financial future has not improved. Only 1 in 5 Americans feel “very prepared” for their financial future, including retirement, protecting their wealth and “handling income disruptions of varying durations.”

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