Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The High Cost of Health Care in New Jersey

A company called HealthView Services has just come out with its list of the ten most expensive states to receive health care during retirement. In a bit of a surprise, New Jersey is not at the top of the list – it’s actually just seventh.
According to HealthView, the average retiree in New Jersey will pay $148,865 worth of premiums for 20 years of health care during retirement. That’s a lot, but it’s below No. 1 Florida, where it will cost more like $152,184 for 20 years of health coverage.
These are the other states where your medical coverage in retirement will cost you more than right here in the Garden State:
1.       Florida
2.       Michigan
3.       Maryland
4.       Massachusetts
5.       Nevada
6.       Louisiana

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